Home Country: 🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina (SE Europe)
Home Town:  Jajce
By idea: Nermin Delić (s. Delich)

Authors of poetry are invited to apply for participation in Online Balkan Poetry Contest „Mili Dueli“ – season sixth.  Participation includes socializing the Balkan poets through Facebook's social network during July, August and September 2018. Contest is of a competitive character and brings to authors a lot of readers across Balkan region. Over the past five seasons there were over 85,000 votes and more than half a million views.


„Mili Dueli“ are an international character contest, and the competition can be submitted by authors from any part of the world.

Send your 2 poems (Word document, translated to English language or in one of this languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian.)
*Also, send us originally versions on your language.

Also, submit your biography with the application (minimum name and surname, year of birth, place and country where you come from, and occupation).

Poems with biography you send:



OPTION 2: via E-MAIL at: mili.dueli@hotmail.com
(in this case, you must send your facebook profile link, we can verify and acknowledge receipt of the application).
Note: After each application if you do not receive a confirmation message of your application within 7 days, please send it again!

Participation in the contest is FREE!


🥇MAIN AWARD: PLAQUE + LAUREATE (“Poet of the Balkan region of choice Mili Dueli 2018”) – for the first place won,
🏅 OTHER AWARDS: PLAQUE for the best placement of the diaspora (Balic's award – for the best placed author who is not living in one of the ex-Yugoslavia countries), the best spot of the every country from ex Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia) and Special recognition for creativity and Special recognition of organizers and readers.

Each author who is selected to participate in the Mili Dueli receives electronic and / or printed thanksgiving  for cooperation and literary contribution to the writing of the written word through social networks during 2018.


May 30, 2018

The organizer will select in June / June the most successful entries and participants of “Mili DuelI 2018” who will be notified via e-mail or facebook profile, if they pass the initial classification.

Contest Principles: Selected participants will go through five rounds of competition. In each circle will be presented with different poem. In the selection of the most successful, besides the organizer, there will be a  jury that will be composed of literally competent, acclaimed artists from across the Balkans. Also, online readers will be able to vote in the way that will be presented before the start of the competition. The winners of the duel pass to the next rounds, after which the 12 best authors go to the Grand Final where the winner of the sixth season of the competition will be determined.

Of the five previous seasons, these are the winners:

1st SEASON – Dijana Stevanović Uherek / Subotica / Serbia

2nd SEASON – Enea Hotić / Banja Luka / Bosnia and Herzegovina

3rd SEASON – Anđela Turukalo / Podgorica / Montenegro

4th SEASON – Ante Jezerčić / Sisak / Croatia

5th SEASON – Lela Zjajo / Heilbronn / Germany

These five seasons over 1000 entries have been arrived for competiton. We have awarded over 50 authors.

There is no doubt that „Mili Dueli“ became the internet sensation for discovering new talented poets and for stimulating their creativity. This is a unique opportunity for new acquaintances of similar people living close and far and having the same hobby – writing!

Good luck,

Jajce Town, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nermin Delić
Organizer, poet


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